Sunday, September 04, 2005


This blog is not a result of a strong desire to air my thoughts. It stems from a far greater human instinct; lazyness.

I have just joined the mass of happy people who traipse the globe in a quest of self discovery, their faces revealing awe, content and digestive problems. From now on I am no longer an office monkey but a backpacker. Hooray

This blog is to avoid having to email relatives/friends/ex-colleagues who claim to want to stay in touch so as to make my desertion less awkward. Now they can all log on and find out what I have been up to.

As to why I am doing the actual travelling the answer is strikingly banal. Getting closer to 30 and realising that this is the last chance to do something like this. Baby boomers are retiring this year and they have always been a selfish lot. Even worse, they will probably live long and will expect people my age to work until 75 and be taxed mercilessly to pay for their yoga classes. My generation being politically apathetic, statesmen will be quick on the mark deciding who to suck up to and who to bend over a barrel, legs spread and all greased up.

Therefore I will wander the globe to witness all manner of peoples and place. Hopefully I will learn from the many cultures I will be exposed to. Doubtless their different perspectives, such as focusing on not starving, will enlighten me and kill off any internal whingeing. I will then be able to settle down, get a career and develop an interest in modular furniture.

Hope you enjoy this,

Hugs (the manly type with your arse stuck out and one hand patting the shoulder blades brutally hard),



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