Friday, December 09, 2005

Chiang Mai, Still

Oh how the Fates play their cruel games with me. Verily do the daughters of Zeus and Themis urge me to come forth only to give me a wedgie, call me Smelly and mock my suffering.

As soon as I had written up the last post on my change of plans I went to the train station to be told I could catch a sleeper train sometime next week or take a slow train 3rd class ticket that would maybe get me in Bangkok 20 odd hours later. Crap travel conditions are amongst the things that are fun in retrospective but should be avoided if possible just like punch-ups, military service or women with family members in prison. Therefore back to plan A of going to Sukhotai. Doubtless this will fuck up too and for all I know my next post could be from Geneva.

Off for a beer



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